Saturday, February 28, 2009

What happened to February?

Well, I was quite proud of myself in January when I managed to make more posts than ever before. I just realized, though, that it's only half an hour away from March and I very nearly missed an entire month. Oh, dear!

It was warm here yesterday - nearly 50F - and much of our snow melted away. I wandered around the house this afternoon and was very pleased to see snowdrop buds well above the ground. They're at the front of the house, which faces due south, and get lots of reflected heat from the house, so they're always up early once the snow goes. We're supposed to have more snow tomorrow, though. If Punxatawney Phil said six more weeks of winter on February 2, it must mean we're nearly done, mustn't it?

It was a lovely sunny day today, though colder than it had been. I took my mother for a drive from Hampton up Routes 1-A and 1-B along the coast to Portsmouth. New Hampshire only has a total of 18 miles of coastline, so it's not a long drive when you start in the middle, as we did. It's sad that for long stretches you can't see the ocean at all from the car because the sea wall is above eye level, and we had to detour round the Witch Creek bridge reconstruction project so we missed most of the Rye coast, but it was still a nice drive. Thought we ought to go driving today because says 3-5" of snow tomorrow night and they're not even guessing how much more we'll get on Monday. Sounds as if last week's school vacation is going to have an extension!

I'm starting classes again as of tomorrow. One of them requires lots of blog posts...I'm hoping it's a habit I'll keep up when the course is done. I'd better post this now or I'll miss out on February altogether. Stay warm!

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