Friday, June 25, 2010

Book #14 for 2010...

Catching up on past reading from earlier this year...

Book 14
New Hampshire in history or the contribution of the Granite State to the development of the nation - Henry Harrison Metcalf

Written in 1922 by a former State Historian, this fascinating little volume is full of information about the many native sons and daughters of New Hampshire who gained prominence in some way during their lives. Examples range from the well-known newspaperman Horace Greeley, and statesman and orator Daniel Webster, to lesser-known luminaries such as John Pierce, who was responsible for the development of the University of Michigan which was the first of the state universities in the US, and Henry Wood, who "established the first Protestant Mission in Japan and preached the first sermon in English in that country." Who knew? I surely never did!

The one thing that would be helpful in the book is an index, but perhaps one will be added if it is reprinted some day.

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