Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oooh, shiny....

This is me with a personal learning network! I despair of ever achieving that sense of balance that sounds so appealing in stage five of Jeff Utecht's outline of the stages of development of a personal learning network.
Immersion - yes, I can do that very well;
Evaluation - yes, I'm getting better and better at that;
Know it all - well, perhaps not all, but safe to say "quite knowledgeable" and, sometimes even,
It's so hard to find that balance, especially knowing there's always the possibility of that one terrific bit of information just around the next corner (or click, as the case may be).

The wonderful thing about current PLNs is that they can be so diverse in so many ways. Geography, experience, skills, education, connection, can all be completely different but can all be just what's needed at the right time and in the right context. And it's so much easier to find people to connect with now that the internet opens so many doors so easily.

The really exciting thing is that our PLNs today are ones that we can contribute to as well as learn from. It makes it that much more valuable knowing that the learning is often reciprocal, that we're able to give as well as take, to teach as well as learn.

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