Thursday, June 19, 2008

Puffins & snails!

Boy, regular posting is not easy, is it? When there's time, there isn't always energy and vice versa. I have great respect for those who manage it more regularly than I do!

We went to Maine over the weekend for a quick visit. We stayed at the Flying Cloud Bed and Breakfast in Newcastle, right next door to Damariscotta. We had a lovely suite with a view (between the tree branches) right down the Damariscotta River.

On Saturday evening we joined a group from the Seacoast Chapter of NH Audubon and cruised out to see the Puffins on Eastern Egg Rock, the southernmost breeding colony of Puffins. We went out on the Hardy III, of Hardy Boat Cruises in New Harbor, Maine. The Hardy III is a terrific boat and the Captain and mates are all quite knowledgeable about the area and about local natural history. There was also a naturalist aboard from National Audubon who gave us a lot of information about the birds we were seeing and about Project Puffin.

After the cruise we joined friends at the Damariscotta River Grill for a late dinner. It happened to be the day of the Pirate Rendezvous and, although we’d missed the day’s main activities, there were still a number of pirates wandering around town!

Sunday started out damp and turned positively wet, but we still enjoyed ourselves. Here’s where the “snails” part of the title comes in, but I’ll talk about that next time…

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